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Last Selling prices of Sulphur bright yellow min. 99%:

Influence prices of Citric Acid

During February there have been two tenders for selling of total 50000 Mt Sulphur from Iran.
IPCC has awarded a 20,000t cargo ex BIK at $642/t fob to an unnamed buyer, under its 21 February tender.
Under its 19 February tender, NIGC has awarded a 30,000 t cargo ex Assaluyeh to a undisclosed buyer at €427.50/t fob Assaliyeh.
The price of Sulphur from Iran is doubled from mid November 2007 till mid February 2008 (from 330 USD/t  in November 2007 FOB Persian Gulf to 645 USD/t in February 2008).
This increasing will influence prices of citric acid dramatically. As for production of one ton citric acid Chinese producer needs approx. one ton Sulphuric acid 98%. This means, that recalculated for production of citric acid, more than 0,3 tons Sulphur is needed.

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